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1  Total size of B. mori genome: 428.7 Mb, including unassembled reads.
2  Latest version of B. mori s equence assembly:
    23,156 Scaffolds
    66,482 Contigs
3  Scaffold annotation:
    209 full-length cDNAs from NCBI are mapped to the scaffolds
    21,302 Genes predicted by BGI Gene Finder (BGF)
    691 BGF genes are emphasized and classified into 9 function classes
    601,225 Repeat regions
    17 ,363 UniGene assemblies from 64,038 ESTs, including:
    15,715 UniGenes of domesticated silkworm ( B. mori ) ( SwUniGene )
    1,648 UniGenes of wild silkworm ( B. mandarina ) ( FswUniGene )
    521 B. mori homologs of genes from other Lepidoptera are mapped onto 323 scaffolds.
B. mori mutants
NCBI B. mori ESTs
B. mori WGS sequences from SGP
SNPs from SWAU(Southwest Agricultural University)


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